Sunday, June 17, 2012

A sense of summer shine..!

Hi girls! Today i am going to show you one of my favourite greek drugstore brands which is radiant  professional make up!
So, this weeks' radiant  post is all about the SOFTLINE Waterproof  Eye Pencils that i like the most in 4 shiny summery colours..!

#1: 25 Pearly Blue
#2: 27 Tropical Green
#3: 11 Pale Jade
#4: 22 Purple

These products are amazing!! They are extremely smooth and soft and they glide on the eye perfectly..Also they have a great colour payoff as they appear very vibrant on the eye ;) Plus they have on the one side of the pencil a liitle sponge 'eraser' in order to blend the harsh lines or to erase any possible mistake..!

Stay 'tuned' for the next  radiant post! <3

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