Friday, June 15, 2012

1,2,3...let's get coral-eee!

♥  1 colour 2 achieve a summer look using 3 different lip products
♥  i will try to do a 1,2,3...  post every week and it's basically showing you my favourite top 3   products of a certain category!
♥  this weeks' post is the coral lips category! So here u can see my 3 fav products for  peachy coral  lips!

Cook MAC Tendertone Lip Balm SPF 12
This is the next generation lip conditioner that combines the look of a gloss and the conditioning benefits of a balm with SPF 12 sun protection. It features a light strawberry-kiwi flavour.

Maybelline New York Color Sensational luscious lip gloss in Peach Sorbet
I really like maybellines' lip glosses and especially this one! It's kind of sheer but it makes your lips look big and luscious as it says!
Maybelline New York Color Sensational lip color in 445 Mango Diamonds
It's one of my all time favourite lipsticks for spring and summer! I love it! It gives your lips a vibrant mango peachy shimmery color and it is very moisturazing!

These are the swatches of the 3 coral lip products ! ♥
The first one from the top is the tendertone!

The second one is the lipgloss!
The third one is the lipstick!
from left to right: Mac Tendertone,MNY lipstick,MNY lipgloss 

I hope you like this post! tell me your favourite coral lip product and which one of these 3 you prefer!!! xoxo♥

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